31 July 2009

Trey Songz - D.O.A

The boy Songz definitely goes hard on this one. Some people say its an R. Kelly diss, but I disagree. He's simply asking Kelly to step his game up, which in my opinion is GREAT advice. Regardless of his run-ins with the law, he was one of the few R&B artists that consistently made good music. Now this guy is making tracks with Oj the Juiceman...are you kidding me? Trey Songz has always been compared to R. Kelly and has always said how much he looked up to him, but now I agree with Songz. Of course R.Kelly will always be remembered for the music he's made, but nowadays he's not very relevant and Trey Songz should definitely not be compared to him. I hope R. Kelly takes the track the way it was meant - advice; and I hope it makes him step his game up and start making GOOD music again.

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