15 July 2009

Thought of the Moment.

I cannot wait until school starts in the fall!!!! I never knew how refreshing going AWAY to collegewas until I had to come back home for the summer. I feel suffocated. I want my freedom back. Being here is like a constant reminder of why I left in the first place. Im not trying to say that I dont like my hometown because I love Memphis, its just that I feel restricted. I have somebody telling me what time I have to be home, "clean this", "wash that", "go to the store for me".......AAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Just shoot me now! Plus being at school was FUN! Its like I found myself...well not myself more like my style and dare I say it...swag (Im beginning to despise the word). College is just like another world where I could start over and be the person I wanted to be without all the questionable glances. Oh, how I cannot wait until AUGUST 24 (or whenever my school starts).

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