31 July 2009

Trey Songz - D.O.A

The boy Songz definitely goes hard on this one. Some people say its an R. Kelly diss, but I disagree. He's simply asking Kelly to step his game up, which in my opinion is GREAT advice. Regardless of his run-ins with the law, he was one of the few R&B artists that consistently made good music. Now this guy is making tracks with Oj the Juiceman...are you kidding me? Trey Songz has always been compared to R. Kelly and has always said how much he looked up to him, but now I agree with Songz. Of course R.Kelly will always be remembered for the music he's made, but nowadays he's not very relevant and Trey Songz should definitely not be compared to him. I hope R. Kelly takes the track the way it was meant - advice; and I hope it makes him step his game up and start making GOOD music again.

28 July 2009

27 July 2009


I've been a Drake fan since Degrassi and Room for Improvement so I feel like all of the accolades and press he's getting for So Far Gone is well deserved and overdue. Listen to this clip where he discusses one of my favorite tracks, Successful.

26 July 2009

Mobile Blog #1

How do you feel about euthanasia? For those of you who don't know what it means, it is the term used to describe the legal killing of a human being or animal. Personally, I have no problem with it, but after talking to my friend I'm anxious to know how others feel. My friend's argument was that its not justifiable. She doesn't believe that taking the life of a living, breathing thing is right no matter the circumstance. I disagree. Being an avid animal planet viewer, I see animals that have been neglected in the worse way. These animals are in severe pain and even with emergency care, will not survive. Why not put them out of there misery? As far as humans go, if a person has committed unthinkable, heinous crimes, they should be sentenced to death. The names Charles Manson, The BTK Killer, and most recently Scott Peterson should make any person a fan of eunthanasia. What do you think???

24 July 2009

Nike Sportswear - Fall/Holiday 2009 Lookbook!!

The Nike Fall Lookbook has leaked onto the net and I must say that I am impressed. Stylistically (thats probably not a word but oh well!), the clothing and shoes are hot! Plus, the photography is dope. If you wanna check out the photos click http://www.streething.com/archives/13054.

15 July 2009

Touch up.

This is what my nails looked like 3 weeks ago.
Now, they look like hell.
I needed to hit up the nail shop like yesterday :-(

Thought of the Moment.

I cannot wait until school starts in the fall!!!! I never knew how refreshing going AWAY to collegewas until I had to come back home for the summer. I feel suffocated. I want my freedom back. Being here is like a constant reminder of why I left in the first place. Im not trying to say that I dont like my hometown because I love Memphis, its just that I feel restricted. I have somebody telling me what time I have to be home, "clean this", "wash that", "go to the store for me".......AAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Just shoot me now! Plus being at school was FUN! Its like I found myself...well not myself more like my style and dare I say it...swag (Im beginning to despise the word). College is just like another world where I could start over and be the person I wanted to be without all the questionable glances. Oh, how I cannot wait until AUGUST 24 (or whenever my school starts).

Oh, How I ♥ SB's: July 09 Releases...

Via: http://www.sneakernews.com/
I am a HUGE fan of Nike! Anybody that knows me knows this. My favorite are SB's, especially Dunks and Blazers. The blazers in the July release are crazy. I need both of them in my life ASAP!!!

13 July 2009

'WOOD' you...?

Unlike all other collections of eyewear, those of Urban Spectacles stand apart as being truly hand made with meticulous attention to detail throughout every process of the spectacle's creation. Using the most eccentric and durable hardwoods as material, each pair of eyeglasses is fully customized to meet the specific desires of the individual. As unique as the imagination, the possibilities of eyewear from Urban Spectacles are boundless.
Stumbled across this website. This guy makes all of his glasses out of the finest wood there is...amazing, huh? I like wearing glasses (even though I have perfect vision) so these would definitely be an asset to my collection.
Check them out at: www.urbanspectacles.com


I saw the freshest pair of Ray Ban's at Macy's the other day. I cannot wait to get my refund check in august!!! Ima be real official, I promise. I cant even keep track of all the stuff I plan on getting...I should make a wishlist.

Im in the Twilight Zone.

So I pretty much read this entire book in a single night. I know, crazy right? This is book is thick as fuck! However, its just as addicting as it is long. Having already seen the first movie, I figured that once I picked up the book I wasnt going to be able to put it down, but sheesh that was an understatement. At first, I had absolutely no interest in the shit but after seeing America go Twilight and Robert Pattinson crazy, I figured "what the hell?" Now im officially hooked. I cant wait to read the next installment. This shit is DOPE!!!!!

09 July 2009

Wishing on a Star.

Platform Pump
These are two of my favorite pieces from the Christian Louboutin Fall Collection.
You may have seen stars such as Beyonce, Rihanna, and Eve in these. Unfortunately, even though they are dope, these are out of my price range.

Dope Ish...

Hawaiian street brand In4mation introduces its 3rd collaboration G-Shock model for Spring 09 in a cool salmon pink colorway to match the season's street casual fashions. The band & case feature a gloss finish with In4mation brand logos and the word, "Aloha", Hawaiian for "Hello", appears in the EL backlight when activated. Salmon Resin Band and a Digital Dial Code.

"Wait till I get my money right..."

06 July 2009

.....Hello Again!

I havent blogged in a while so I must start off by saying RIP Michael Jackson. He is truly the King of Pop and the worlds greatest entertainer. Nowaday, in the midst of all the tributes and media coverage, I find myself falling in love with him all over. This man was a musical genius. Despite all the allegations and misfortunes, the music speaks for itself. He will truly be missed.
"And my goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance." - Michael Jackson