18 October 2009

"Excuse me, can you help me ZIP this..."

Dress N3 by Sebastian Errazuriz. The dress made up of many zips, you can take off any of the zippers to create any of the designs you see above.

06 October 2009

Yes, Honey!

This is PERFECT! If I could create my ideal guy this is what he would dress like.

V-Neck? CHECK!
Fitted Jeans? CHECK!
Nice Kicks? CHECK!
Beanie? CHECK!

Other qualifications:
1) Loves to read
2) Interested in photography
3) Music lover
4) Aggressive :-)
5) Sneaker Head
6) Enjoys sweet shit like chilling in the park and cuddling
7) Intelligent
8) Doesn't lie
9) Quick witted (Where I'm from its called having a smart mouth...)
10) Likes the Twilight Saga (Even if he doesn't he appeases me and sits through the movies anyway)

Yeah...I know. Wishful thinking huh? Well at least a girl can dream...

More Blogging...

I haven't really been blogging lately, but I have managed to find a couple of cool blogs.
1) http://cocainepretti.blogspot.com : Dope fashion blog
2) http://therealkesh.blogspot.com : I absolutely adore Kesh! I checked out her blog a while ago. She's very eccentric, but it fits her. She definitely has her own thing going on and I can appreciate that.

05 October 2009


Yeah Buddy!

Rainbows and Mirrors

So brandy posted this video on youtube a couple of days ago and all I can say is WOW. I always knew she could sing, but not like this. She has so much control over her voice its crazy. As a aspiring vocalist, I was not only moved but inspired. Brandy is officially on my list of top female vocalists. The list includes Jasmine Sullivan, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Adele, etc. This is what other celebs had to say:

Willie Day 26: @4everBrandy WOOOOOW, I just watched it on my phone and you gave me chills thru the phone!! You have a forever fan in me!! Love your voice

Dawn Richard: @4everbrandy yo ur voice.. amazing! we can’t stop watching this video in the studio… gosh i luv ya

J Moss Brandy: U singing in the bathroom just made me shut down my whole session for the night.. Why bother. U r just ridiculous..

Tyrese: My Opinion NO1 in the game Vocally can touch BRANDY NORWOOD

Jazmine Sullivan: and why did brandy have to kill that “somewhere over the rainbow like thaaaaat”??!!!

Denyce Lawton: UN FREAKING BELIEVABLE!!!! @4everBrandy is the TRUTH!!! SMH Y u put Ashanti to shame on some Bathroom antics? lol ”

Marques Houston: In my opinion. Brandy, Still one of the greatest of all time!!!! AMAZING! NO words to describe this voice of an angel

Really though Ricky Ross?

Like...I have no words. This shit is hilarious to me. As soon as dude fell, I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD! Got my roomate looking at me like I'm crazy. If I was in that crowd...it would have been over.
Good look Ricky!

02 October 2009

Who is Ester Dean???

No really...who is she? I just watched the video for her single "Drop it Low ft. Chris Brown" and its HOTT! I'm normally up on these kinds of things, so for me to not know is foreign to me. Its time for me to start researching because she's very talented (she's wrote for Mary J. Blige!). Oh and she has EVERYBODY in the video. Nelly, Chris Brown, Omarion, Soulja Boy, Teyana Taylor, and Keri Hilson are all 'droppin it low' with Ms. Ester.

Keri Hilson - Slow Dance

Keri Hilson does it again. I really saw this like a month ago, just never got around to blogging about it. Its dope to me. Nothing especially special about it, but its dope nonetheless. Sometimes less is more. Oh and she looks gorgeous.