03 December 2010

Morehouse Appropriate Attire Policy.

The recent controversy at Morehouse College regarding the implementation of their dress code policy has sparked a long overdue conversation amongst the young African American community regarding sexuality and race.

In the times of legislation such as Proposition 8 and shows like Glee and Modern Family, one would think that the ever present stigma attached to homosexuality would be extinct, however, little strains of homophobia can still be found if you look hard enough.

“I’m as open-minded as they come, but gay people have to realize that there is a certain level of repugnance [that] America, especially black America, has built up towards the idea of homosexuality. As harsh as it may sound, it’s not something that can be cured overnight or even over the span of a few years,” says 21 year old student and musician, Justin Williford of Memphis, TN.

Over the past year, Morehouse college has received major scrutiny over their “appropriate attire policy”. The dress code states that students, referred to as “Renaissance Men”, are not allowed to wear caps, du-rag’s, sunglasses, or sagging pants on the schools campus or at college sponsored events. The most eye-raising part of this code, however, is the rule regarding women’s clothing: no wearing of dresses, tops, tunics, purses, or pumps.

“We are talking about five students who are living a gay lifestyle that is leading them to dress in a way we do not expect in Morehouse Men.”, says Dr. William Bynum, Jr., Vice President for Student Services as gathered by CNN.com.

The four or five students he is referring to have been dubbed “The Plastics” (taken from the movie Mean Girls) by some of their heterosexual peers.

Following the implementation of the dress code policy, Morehouse College received a substantial amount of backlash and even had several homosexual students, some wearers of women’s clothing, transfer to other universities. Many of whom said that they felt singled out by the dress code policy.

“…even at this early of an age, it is very noticeable that some of the boys in my class are becoming more feminine than their male peers. While I see nothing wrong with this it just goes to show that some things are innate. These are babies, this isn’t something they’ve learned. It’s who they are and as a society, we should not make them feel ashamed for this,” explains 35 year old 4th grade teacher Lakata Jackson.

Before articles had been published and news hit the air waves, Morehouse president, Professor Robert Franklin, wrote a letter to college alumni in he expressed his distaste. Alumni and students alike have banded together, enraged that the prestigious university is now being reduced something other than.

“I’m all for homosexual equality, but if you eventually want to transition into a woman why even enroll at Morehouse?”, says 20 year old education major and Nashville native Jasmine Anderson. She is not alone in feeling this way.

Though we may sympathize with the four or five individuals this policy seems to target, we must take in to account things from another perspective.

As a male who eventually plans to take the journey into womanhood, why apply to an all male college at all? Also, as a privately funded institution, Morehouse College reserves the right to implement whatever rules and regulations they see fit.

“I think the dress code is ridiculous and offensive. I don’t see much difference in this situation and the hundreds of individuals who were tormented and beaten for sitting at lunch counters and using water fountains all because of the color of they’re skin. It’s a sad time when people are punished for things that they can’t control,” states Chaz Pirtle, 20 year old Mass Communications major of Nashville, TN.

No matter how you feel about the Morehouse dress code policy one thing is for certain, in this time of newly accepted self awareness, institutions like Morehouse and hundreds of others across the country are going to have to learn how to effectively deal with this new issue of human sexuality.

28 March 2010

Oh yeah... !

Brandon Hines retweeted me!
I know alot of people may not know the name, but this guy is one of the few that I can see reviving R&B.
He's only had one official album and it was ridiculous.
He just recently dropped a mixtape which was hot as well.
When I logged into twitter and saw his RT I was shamefully excited, SMH.

Another One Bites the Dust!

HA! You ever know a secret ages before anyone else, then once the masses find out you secretly laugh at them for being so late? Thats how I feel about Kelis. Kelis has BEEN dope. She's been doing the whole "weird" thing WAY before it was popular to do so. I don't know how many of you remember the 'I Hate You So Much' video, but the chick had a huge curly afro with several colors in it. Before Solange, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and everyones beloved Lady Gaga, there was Kelis. I really hope she gets the right management this time around because she is indeed underrated.

27 March 2010

The Hard Truth.

The hard truth is that chances are, your relationship isn’t going to last through your teen years. Even if it seems like it will.We all want to believe in miraculous love, and yes, it exists, and you may find it when you’re young, but chances are something will happen to separate you two. The love will remain, the hope will remain, but a situation will arise that overwhelms the ability to be together with unbreakable obstacles. Let go, if its meant for you two to be together, one of you could go to the moon and back and you’d still end up on the same path as each other in due time.


24 March 2010

Thoughts of A Confused College Student.

What to do, what to do.
In the midst of late night studying, tests and quizzes every week, and a ridiculous amount of homework, I managed to produce a thought un-related to school.
"What am I doing?"
In all honesty, I HATE SCHOOL.
I've never liked waking up early and sitting in a desk all freaking day only to return back to my place of solitude with 5 books and 10 assignments due the next day.
I am aware, however, that school is a vital tool in getting me where I want to be in life.
I've been heavily debating taking a semester off.
Most of my peers advise me not to while some are all for it.
My head is just not here and it's very plain to see on those day I wake up for class and immediately roll back over because "I don't feel like going."
I'd rather take break than stay here and fuck up what I've worked on for 2 years.
I really want to take a break, work, save up some money and return next spring when I have my stuff together.
I wanna focus on ME and do things I've always wanted to do without the hinderance of school looming over me.
I wanna take up photography and learn how to play the guitar, but my school schedule has no room for such amenities.
There's only one thing holding me back:
Once I leave, I may not want to come back.

18 March 2010


You ever get to a point in a relationship where its super unhealthy?
Where the constant high's and low's take such a toll on you that one phone call can completely change your whole mood?
Where you realize that as much as you may care about him/her you just cant continue the bullshit?
Well thats the kind of relationship I've been in for 19 years.
As of last night, all communication with my father has been cut off.

& surprisingly Im ok with that.

In my Dreams...

If I had the funds, I imagine that my house would look something like Nigo's.

17 March 2010

Hometown Hero: Skewby

Whoever said hard work doesn't pay off hasn't met this guy.

I love my city and I wear it on my heart proudly, but musically it's never stimulated me. Growing up listening to the sounds of Al Capone, 3 6 Mafia, and Gangsta Boo on my radio made me a little skeptical of the substance of Memphis rappers. (Not to say that I don't like them because I do, they just doesn't hold a very high caliber of lyricism.) However, the homie Skewby has definitely proved me and everyone else that thought Memphis didn't harbor lyricists wrong! Thanks to the wonderful people at Sneak Peek - Memphis, I was introduced to a young man that had punch lines and metaphors for days as well as the swag to go with it. Skewby dropped his mixtape "Proving You Wrong Since 1988" in September of 2009 and his popularity has been steadily climbing ever since. He even got the opportunity to open for Lil Wayne on his Farewell tour when it came to Memphis!

Yesterday, through Twitter, he found out that he had been featured in The Source Magazine under "Unsigned Hype". What an accomplishment! Im extremely happy and proud to see someone from Memphis being honored for something positive and not ridiculed for being on The First 48. This is a great accomplishment and I just wanna send out a BIG congrats to Skewby.

Download the mixtape here: http://skewby.bandcamp.com/

16 March 2010