24 March 2010

Thoughts of A Confused College Student.

What to do, what to do.
In the midst of late night studying, tests and quizzes every week, and a ridiculous amount of homework, I managed to produce a thought un-related to school.
"What am I doing?"
In all honesty, I HATE SCHOOL.
I've never liked waking up early and sitting in a desk all freaking day only to return back to my place of solitude with 5 books and 10 assignments due the next day.
I am aware, however, that school is a vital tool in getting me where I want to be in life.
I've been heavily debating taking a semester off.
Most of my peers advise me not to while some are all for it.
My head is just not here and it's very plain to see on those day I wake up for class and immediately roll back over because "I don't feel like going."
I'd rather take break than stay here and fuck up what I've worked on for 2 years.
I really want to take a break, work, save up some money and return next spring when I have my stuff together.
I wanna focus on ME and do things I've always wanted to do without the hinderance of school looming over me.
I wanna take up photography and learn how to play the guitar, but my school schedule has no room for such amenities.
There's only one thing holding me back:
Once I leave, I may not want to come back.


  1. I soooo feel you on this. Im in my 3rd year though. I wanted to drop out for a semester too.
    But i see it like this, we're only in college for 4+ out of our WHOLE lives. thats a blink of an eye, and tomorrow will come and this opportunity will be gone. I suggest stick it out for 2 more years, but also do whats best for you and your future hun! =]

  2. Thanks so much!
    Im beyond confused. I really dont know what I wanna do. I kinda wanna just stick it out, but IDK. =/

  3. I feel you and understand but I say MAKE TIME FOR IT ... you're not everyone else... this is fact but too many take off and never return...make sure its what you want before you do so