05 March 2010

Music Friday!

Most people most new music on Monday, but I've always been a little different so...
Anyway, there are three artists that have been getting alot of recognition on the blogs and in the music arena and these artists are Drake, Trey Songz, and Fabolous.

First lets start off with Drake. This is the most popular nigga to never drop an album ever. After his mixtape, So Far Gone, recieved ridiculous amounts of praise and even led him to the Grammy's, many people were afraid that he wouldn't be able to live up to the hype and produce a substantial LP. Well last night he released his first single "Over" via his blog and so far there are mix reviews. Alot of people say its wack, some love it. Personally, i like it. Its not what i hoped for, but I'll take it. Me being an avid Drake fan hoped for something that wasn't "Wayne inspired". I have all three official Drake mixtapes and it seemed that with 'So Far Gone' he was finally developing and honing his OWN sound, so to see him sounding like Lil Wayne is disappointing for me. I have nothing against Lil Wayne by the way, I actually love him, but he has is own sound and I wish Drake would find his. Now with all of that being said, the single is good. I dont know how much success it will get commercially, but its good. Can't wait for the album!

Now on to Trey Songz. If yall didn't know, this is the man that I will marry. Seriously. Like Drake, I've been a Trey fan since his 'I Gotta Make It' days. I feel like a proud mother in a way. I always knew this guy had the potential and talent to be one of the greats, all he needed was the right people backing him and the opportunity, so now to see him getting all this recognition is like a breath of fresh air. Finally everybody else sees what I see. Today, Mr. "Let Me Hold That Beat" released his version of Verse Simmons' song "Buy You A Round" titled "Machine". LOVE it. nothing more to say about that. "Married to the melody, sleeping with the drum kit!" Crazy.

Lastly there's Fabolous. I've always been a Fabolous fan, but I never really listened to an entire album until 'Loso's Way'. On this new mixtape, "There's No Competition" he kills it. His punch lines and metaphors had me scrunching my face in awe and shock. Niggas (including me) have been sleeping on Fab's skills, well you can no longer deny that the guy is a force to be reckoned with.

& THAT concludes Music friday!

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