06 October 2009

Yes, Honey!

This is PERFECT! If I could create my ideal guy this is what he would dress like.

V-Neck? CHECK!
Fitted Jeans? CHECK!
Nice Kicks? CHECK!
Beanie? CHECK!

Other qualifications:
1) Loves to read
2) Interested in photography
3) Music lover
4) Aggressive :-)
5) Sneaker Head
6) Enjoys sweet shit like chilling in the park and cuddling
7) Intelligent
8) Doesn't lie
9) Quick witted (Where I'm from its called having a smart mouth...)
10) Likes the Twilight Saga (Even if he doesn't he appeases me and sits through the movies anyway)

Yeah...I know. Wishful thinking huh? Well at least a girl can dream...

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