05 September 2009

Anticipation? NO, Im Ready!

Excuse the raggedy ass picture - I took it with the Blackberry (I was THAT excited). As you can see, I copped the Trey Songz - Ready album. I really only have one word, HOT! Most albums have about 5-6 tracks that are really worth something and the other 4 or 5 are garbage, NOT THIS ONE! Track for track, note for note this is by far the best album he had put out. Lets not get it twisted, I am by no means downing 'Just Gotta Make It' or 'Trey Day' because I am a HUGE fan and I have those as well as various mixtapes; I am simply saying you can tell he has grown as an artist and put alot of hardwork into this one. When I went to Target to buy it (the day after it was released), I snagged the last copy and then after that we went to another one so my friend could get it and they were sold out too! Hopefully this album puts him on the map and gets him the recognition he deserves. By the way, a couple of my favorite tracks are 'Neighbors Know My Name' 'I Invented Sex' 'Say Aah' and 'Black Roses'. IF YOU DONT HAVE A COPY OF 'READY' GO OUT AND GET IT!!!!!

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