10 August 2009

Bye-Bye Summer <3

My mama always tells people that I'm a loner and I really beg to differ, but lately I really have been spending alot of time alone. When I was away at school I couldnt wait to come home so I could chill with my friends, but when the time came something changed. Most of the time we were like the three amigos, but recently I felt like shit just started falling apart. It started to feel alot less like the three amigos and more like I was a third wheel so I just excused myself from the equation. Now shit just seems awkward when we're all together. It could just be me, but I doubt it. These are my bestfriends and now they don't tell me anything let alone pick up the phone to call or text a nigga. Im not gonna say we're not friends anymore. but the relationship seems a bit strained now. I dont know what to do and honestly I dont care. Im ready for August 27th to get here so I can get back to school where shit makes sense and I enjoy myself.

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